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Tackling some soccer knowledge

Igor Link

Competitive sporting events have captured our attention from the early days of civilization. One sport, in particular, has fascinated fans all over the world. Here in America, we call it soccer. Soccer is a game involving two teams, each consisting of 11 players, that try to maneuver a ball into the other team’s goal without using their hands or arms.

While versions of soccer can be traced back thousands of years, the foundation of the sport is often credited to England in 1863, when the Football Association was created and an official set of rules was documented. It didn’t take long for soccer to become highly popular across much of Europe.

Interestingly, Europeans don’t actually call the game “soccer”. Instead, they call it “football”, as do many other countries around the world. Americans, Canadians, and Australians, most notably, are only a few countries that refer to the game as “soccer”.

Soccer is also a well-known sport in parts of South America like Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, where many youngsters learn to play “football” at a young age. Brazil has won more FIFA World Cup titles than any other country, and Uruguay won the very first FIFA World Cup in 1930.

The Ballon d’Or, the European Golden Shoe, and the World Cup Golden Ball are just a few of the most prestigious awards given out in soccer.

Despite the differences in name, soccer is rapidly gaining popularity in America, with more young people showing an interest in the sport than ever before. With the 2026 FIFA World Cup being hosted in North America in 11 US cities, we’re sure to see an even greater surge in soccer fans here in the States. Don’t miss the 2026 World Cup final, which will be taking place in our backyard here at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey!

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